What is KuzalaYana? What does it mean? What language is it? Why did I choose this name? What does it have to do with Yoga? Why should you be reading this? Let’s go one by one.

Why should you be reading this?

If you’ve landed up here and are wondering whether to stay or leave, this is why you might think of reading further. KuzalaYana is my personal blog, but it is also, I hope, a source of information, inspiration, kindness, positivity, facts, and straightforwardness about a range of subjects. I enjoy writing, teaching, and sharing, and this blog is my attempt to combine all three in one single place!

What does KuzalaYana mean and what language is it?

KuzalaYana is made of two words, and both have their origins in Sanskrit; I have taken a bit of a creative license with spelling the words, though, based on local dialects and ways of speaking. Kuzala (kuśala in Sanskrit) means happy, safe, auspicious. Yana (yāna in Sanskrit) means a journey, vehicle, voyage . KuzalaYana means a simple wish for a happy journey!

What is KuzalaYana and why did I choose the name?

KuzalaYana is, to put it simply, an idea that I had many years ago when I was thinking about what I could do with my writing and copyediting skills that I would enjoy. It started as a blog to share my travel stories whenever I felt the urge to write and share.

The name was chosen as I have always been fascinated by Sanskrit and it sounded different and unique spelt this way. I was looking for a name that would stand out without being too difficult to pronounce or remember.

But over the years, the name has evolved in what it means to me. This has also changed the intended purpose of its existence. That is why, in June 2021, I decided to entirely revamp and redo the content, the look…everything.

What does KuzalaYana have to do with Yoga?

Everything! Yoga is the biggest reason the meaning of this word, this idea has changed over the years for me. What started as a travel blog to share silly stories became a diary of life. It slowly became a journal of how I have been evolving as a person, and how Yoga has become an ever-present entity in my everyday life.

Body alignment and engagement, breath awareness, mindfulness, contentment, detachment, self-love, self-care have become so deeply entrenched in my being over the past few years that they have changed the way I view myself and the world. This reflects in how I experience the world and what I take back from them.

KuzalaYana has been revamped to reflect this change within. This blog will have articles and discussions, I hope, on philosophy, physiology, psychology, and much more. I’d love to have conversations around Yoga and its various aspects, asana techniques, more in-depth understanding of the body and mind, and many more such fascinating subjects.

Will you accompany me in this journey of life full of Yoga and travel and learning?


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