Yoga Sessions

I teach Yoga with Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtra as my main text of reference. The physical postural practice is a blend of traditional āsana and simple movements from other modalities that have helped me immensely in my journey.

The āsana classes bring in various Yogic concepts behind Asana and Pranayama practice. I try to make the practices as useable as possible in everyday life outside of the classes.

My constant endeavour is to help you be healthier and happier and to be able to live life to the best of your ability. If this resonates with you, do get in touch!

One-to-One Sessions

If you are new to Yoga, individual learning can help build a strong foundation for an effective, safe practice. If there are physical or mental health concerns to be addressed, personal sessions can help discuss them freely. If you simply prefer to learn and practise with me individually, these kinds of sessions can give you lots of freedom and flexibility.

For all your questions on one-to-one classes, click here!

Online Group Sessions

If you are looking for a small group to practice with through the week, to develop a regular personal practice, and to bring Yoga into your eveyday life, these online group sessions can be an affordable way to get started and keep up physical Yoga practices.

For enquiries about online group sessions, click here!


If you are looking for customised hour-long or even day-long workshops for a group of people (5 or more), I can create specialised series of sessions for you on the Yoga aspects of your choice. Workshops would typically include physical practices (āsana, prānāyāma, shatkriya) as well as relevant simple conceptual discussions.

For enquiries about workshops, click here!

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