Take A Breath

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

A simple yet powerful idea that can be life changing.
How can we effectively deal with suffering to lessen our pain?

What Is KuzalaYana?

KuzalaYana is a Sanskrit-inspired word that simply means ‘happy journey’.
KuzalaYana is a space where I share my journey with you and
strive to help make your journey happier and more fulfilling.

If this resonates with you, reach out to me and let me know what interests you!

Find Your Class

One-on-One Sessions

If you prefer individual instruction and prefer personalised Yoga sessions individually, then this is for you!
These sessions are particularly advisable if you have any specific health issues you would like to address with the practice.

Group Sessions

If you have a group of people – friends, family, neighbours, any bunch of people, really – that you would like to practise with, let’s talk and we can create customised regular sessions for you and your group!


If you’d like to do a workshop with me for a small group of you and your family or friends or colleagues, let’s discuss and we can create a series of sessions just for you!

What People Say About Classes


Every session has given me so much to think about. It was an hour of freedom from everything else in life. The sessions with you felt like a flight away and did me so much good that I cannot explain! Thank you💜


I find our sessions very energising and calming, and there is a comfort level with you. I can speak freely and tell you how I feel during the sessions without any worry of judgement. I’m so glad we can have online sessions during the lockdown.


Have A Query?

Reach Out!

The world of Yoga can be confusing and overwhelming.
If you’re not sure where to get started on your journey,
drop a message and let’s connect!

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