Yoga and Ill-Health

I often hear Yoga instructors and teachers in India (do Yoga teachers elsewhere also use similar language?) say that if you practise Yoga well, you’ll never fall sick, never have to take medicines, never get old. What does it mean to practise Yoga well? If I fall sick or have to take medicine, does thatContinue reading “Yoga and Ill-Health”


This bit of contemplation has come about from repeated questions about the difference between Āsana and exercise, Āhāra and the diet culture, Vairāgya and disinterest. They are interesting questions, ones that I have had myself before others asked me these things. For the longest time, I did not have an answer; I did not knowContinue reading INTENT, ACTIONS, AND PRACTICES


The third article in this series, we are discussing concepts related specifically to routine and lifestyle. You can access links to all the articles discussing Yogic concepts in this article. Yoga is not just about exercise or breath control but is a guide for various aspects of daily life as well; it is an entireContinue reading “CONCEPTS FOR DAILY LIFE – ĀCHĀRA”