Yoga and Ill-Health

I often hear Yoga instructors and teachers in India (do Yoga teachers elsewhere also use similar language?) say that if you practise Yoga well, you’ll never fall sick, never have to take medicines, never get old. What does it mean to practise Yoga well? If I fall sick or have to take medicine, does thatContinue reading “Yoga and Ill-Health”


If you have just finished teacher training and have never taught Yoga before, it can sometimes be quite daunting to get started. If you turn to social media for advice, there will be so many contradicting suggestions that you will probably end up more confused than ever! This is how I felt when I wasContinue reading “RULES FOR A YOGA TEACHER”


A few years ago, I started looking for training programmes to deepen my knowledge of Yoga philosophy and concepts. It took me a long time to find teachers and programs that somewhat met my requirements. I have had many teachers but never had a Guru; I have taken my learnings when and where I haveContinue reading “YOGA AND MATERIALISM”