Yoga has become increasingly popular all over the world in the past decade or two. Everyone has heard a few Yoga-related words, at the least, if not tried out the practice itself. One of the most popular words related to Yoga, and one that is showcased very often on social media, is Āsana. What isContinue reading “ĀSANA – WHAT IS IT, REALLY?”


Have you heard of the term Yama in the context of Yoga? What is your understanding of the word and the concept of Yama? Do you think Yama is important for a more effective Yoga practice? Do you know what is included with Yama? Let’s dive into the basics of this Yogic concept! What isContinue reading “YAMA – WHAT, HOW, WHY”


What is Ashtānga Yoga? What does it mean? What kind of Yoga is it? Is it an ancient or a modern style of Yoga practice? Is there more than one type of Ashtānga Yoga? If you’ve had any of these questions and want to understand better before you can decide what kind of Yoga youContinue reading “ASHTĀNGA YOGA”


What is KuzalaYana? What does it mean? What language is it? Why did I choose this name? What does it have to do with Yoga? Why should you be reading this? Let’s go one by one. Why should you be reading this? If you’ve landed up here and are wondering whether to stay or leave,Continue reading “WHAT IS KUZALAYANA?”