We will start looking at our very concept for daily life given by Yoga today. What are concepts for daily life? Check this article to understand. We start by discussing a very simple yet powerful concept that is an intrinsic part of Yoga for any of its practices and application to be truly effective.

What is acceptance?

Let us look at some dictionary definitions to get started and warm up to this word.

  • Agreement with or belief in an idea or explanation – Google definition
  • General agreement that something is satisfactory or right – Cambridge dictionary
  • Approval of or belief in something – Collins dictionary

Agreement, belief, approval are three words that stand out to me in these definitions. They are also words that show up in multiple sources when defining this word. Yoga adds a layer of meaning to these definitions.

Yoga and the idea of acceptance

Yoga personalises these dictionary definitions. What that means is, Yoga says all of this applies to us. We should be in agreement with our ideas and beliefs. We should approve of our actions, thoughts, and words. We should approve of ourselves, believe in and accept ourselves as we are. That, in Yoga, is acceptance.


Acceptance DOES NOT mean complacency. It does not mean that we do not try to better ourselves. It does not mean we stop learning and trying. It simply means we do all of that, but with an acceptance of the present. We stop living in denial of what is in dreams of what will be or can be.

This beautiful idea can be applied to every aspect of our daily lives, be it personal, professional, social, emotional, or any other part of us. Apply it to Āsana and it becomes effortless. Apply it to work and it becomes free of unnecessary stress. Apply it to the home and relationships become more peaceful.


What will you choose to do today? Accept yourself, your situation, and work towards becoming a better you every day; be in denial about yourself, your situation, your reality, and create unnecessary stress at every step. Your choice can determine the path your life takes, your state of mind, and how you respond to ourself and the people and situations around you.

If you want to know tools and techniques to apply this wonderful concept in your life, reach out to me!


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