Yoga is not for just a few; it is for everybody. The ideas, concepts, practices given in Yoga can help everyone – people of every age, gender, profession, race, ethnicity, social-economic standing, health status – live life in a better way. But what do we do if we cannot follow certain practices because of personal limitations? How do we ensure that Yoga remains as accessible as it was originally meant to be?


This is where our understanding and exploration of Yogic concepts comes into the picture. These are tools to help us navigate everyday life and all the challenges it brings. What do we mean by concepts and tools? Are they physical tools? Are the complex philosophical concepts that require in-depth study? Let’s try to figure it out, bit by bit.

I will be listing out below the concepts that we will be discussing with links to the respective articles about each concept. Anyone who wishes to understand these in greater depth or wants to discuss ways of incorporating these concepts into daily life, please send me a message. I absolutely love to share my knowledge and experience in applying these concepts to my own life to help you integrate it with yours.

Yogic concepts for daily life

Yama and Niyama


Pillars of Yoga

I will slowly work my way through this list and add on more concepts as I write about them. If there are any Yogic concepts that you have been wanting to understand but have not found a simple explanation to, please comment below or message me or DM me on Instagram and let me know!

Everything I write here is an attempt to share the experiences and knowledge that I have gained over the years from my teachers and Gurus with anyone who might be interested in them. I do not go into great detail as I feel I cannot do justice to these extremely vast subjects through articles. That is the reason I urge you to reach out to me if you wish to discuss any concepts or ideas in greater detail.

My Āsana sessions always include some conceptual discussions as well as a simple overview of what we wish to achieve through our various practices. My goal is to help people integrate Yoga into their daily lives in a way that is seamless and effortless, one that brings them joy and peace. If this is what you wish to achieve in your personal practice, do reach out to me and we’ll talk!


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